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MFC database compact - how long to run ?

Our MFC server ran out of space yesterday so we've had to do a compact on the database. I followed the instructions on the knowedlge base, answer ID 691, backed it up to another server (mapped a drive and redirected output to that drive) and now trying to restore the database.

The restore has been running for about 12 hrs now but has not completed yet by the look of it (the cursor on the DOS screen has not returned to a prompt yet).

Does anyone know

a) Roughly how long it would take to restore a 7Gb MFC database. I realise we are restoring from a file on another network drive and this may slow it down and it also depends on the speed on of the disk subsystem being written to but a rough idea of time would be good.

b) Are there any log files I can check to see if the restore is still happening or something has gone wrong.

I set the initial database size in the my.cnf file to 10Gb and on restarting the MYSQL service the database size went to 10Gb without any data.

On reflection I suppose if I'd set the initial database size to 1Gb I would have been able to see if the database was growing then the restore would be working, but as I set it to 10Gb and there is only 7Gb's worth of data I'm not going to see the file size increase.

The date/time attributes on the file are constantly changing so is this an indication the file is being written to ?

The knowledge base says it will take a long time to run, but I'm not sure how much a long time is ? I'm a bit reluctant to stop it just in case it's nearly complete.

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Re: MFC database compact - how long to run ?

Can you login to the mysql prompt and run 'show processlist;' to see what commands are being executed?

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