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Monitor outgoing queues per domain

What monitoring do people have in place for individual domain queues?

we had an issue where on domain was not recieving emails and they had queued for delivery on our c360 ironport appliance but was not alerted about this until the customer alerted us.

we have PRTG and i have been looking at the MIB's but does the queue length MIB just monitor total queue of outgoing mails or can this be edited to contain outgoing Doamins?

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Re: Monitor outgoing queues per domain

I submitted a feature request some time ago for outbound email domain monitoring alerts (in our case for a specific list of critical domains) but nothing has been done on it yet as far as I'm aware. I suggest you also submit a feature request.

Currently we're just monitoring manually via tophosts which isn't ideal and never beats users reporting problems to us.

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Re: Monitor outgoing queues per domain

Thanks for reply i am looking at the MIBs now as we use PRTG to monitor other aspects of our ironport but i am not to up to date with PRTG and the MIBs from ironport but i shall have a go.

when you say you use tophosts are you pulling the xml/tophosts from the server and then monitoring this and do you know if you can pull xml/tophosts?domain=xxxxxxx to retrieve any queries? i have tried other xml commands but can only seem to retrieve the defauly tophosts.

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Re: Monitor outgoing queues per domain

You probably want to use this to get xml status for a specific domain:

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