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Multiple Entries Mail logs With Multiple MID

:oops: :oops:

Hi All,

Anyone have a idea of why is there multiple entries of mail logs that shown in the message tracking, when i only send out a single email out.

the logs some shown" recieving aborted by sendeR".

Some logs shown "ICID accepted and query to delivery"

the mail did pass through to my mail box. and i recieve it.

Please advise me


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Re: Multiple Entries Mail logs With Multiple MID

Posting a sample of the logs would help. It's hard to tell what's going on from just your description.

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Re: Multiple Entries Mail logs With Multiple MID

Hi Darren,

It took me some time to figure it out (we noticed the same problem when we started to used msg tracking on a M1050, some time ago).

Incoming connections (marked in the log with the ICID) can be used for more that one message. Incoming connection can be alive for some time before the message you track on is send. If you look at the starting tome of the ICID you will notice that it's way before the start time of the actual message (in many cases)
The same counts for outgoing connections (Marked with DCID)

For finding all the info related to a single message you need to combine the info on incoming connections, the message (MID) and the outgoing connection. If the ICID or the DCID is re-used you find some unexpected lines in your msg track.

I hope this helps


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