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Need some help understanding plugin for Outlook

Testing out the 7.3 plugin for Outlook. I am not clear on how the flagging of spam/not spam etc. works. We have local IronPort devices. We are not cloud based. When a user flags a message as spam in the Inbox, the Admin Guide says Cisco updates the anti-spam filters so the user will not receive emails like this in the future. Not clear how this works. I understand the email is getting submitted to Cisco for analysis but how do they update spam filters for just that one user? I can understand if we were using a cloud device but as I said we have local hardware. Need to understand this process and the Admin Guide falls short of explaining it.

Cisco Employee

Reporting spam/phish from

Reporting spam/phish from Outlook via the plug-in only does that.  It is packaging up the message and sending the message example off to our address for submission from that end-user.  The plug-in itself is not actually doing any work to update the anti-spam on your appliance.  These submissions are a work by themselves that is submitted and then reviewed from the rules writing process.  In time, these submissions are scored, updated, and then written into the current IPAS (IronPort Anti-Spam) rules sets that are published back out to the ESA(s) themselves.  So - as long as your ESA is set to get updates (by default, each 5 minutes), then you will get the updated rules --- and these rules are for everyone globally.  

Hope that helps!  If not - let me know.


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