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Odd attachment problem


I'm running AsyncOS ver. 6.1.0-304 and seem to be running into an odd problem. I am currently not running any type of content filtering and yet I have a specific problem that for whatever reason when a certain vendor of ours sends an email with a .CSV file attached, the attachment is embedded into the email message instead of showing up as an attachment.

The same email that goes to a address shows up fine and when I forward that message into my organization the attachment shows up. At this point I'm thinking that it's some type of incompatibility between my Ironport and their mail server a Lotus Domino Release 7.0.1 server.

Has anyone else out there ever seen anything like this?

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Re: Odd attachment problem

That's really weird. In order for an attachment to suddenly start showing up inline, it would require that the MIME structure of the message be rewritten. You might want to try using a Domain Debug Log on your IronPort unit to see if you can figure out what's going on.

Re: Odd attachment problem

Thanks for the reply, that's why I this is driving me crazy, its like the MIME is completely off between the Ironport and the Domino server.

The really odd thing is that in the Injection Debug log I can see the message coming in, it appears to say that it has an attachment, however the contents of the attachment are listed in the body of the message.

I am working with Ironport support so hopefully they'll come up with something.

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Re: Odd attachment problem

Hello Fireforge,

We have a similar problem on our Domino 6 environment.
When we receive a mail from two Japan located originators the csv attachments are not indicated by the paperclip. when we open the message with the Lotus client the attachment is shown and open able, however: if we open the mail file with Inotes, the attachment is not visible at all.
This problem was introduced after our gateway upgrade from Domino 5 to 6 (actually, before the action we had Domino 5 gateways connected to our Domino 6 Hub, during the upgrade we removed the separate gateways and added the function to the hub servers).
Since we have another mail relay between Ironport and Domino we never thought the combination Ironport Domino would be the problem.

We also have an Exchange environment behind the Ironport and other relay, if the same message is addressed to an Exchange recipient, there is nothing strange to notice.

Any other Domino users that have similar problems?

Regards Steven

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