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Options for CEO's 'SPAM' problem?

Our CEO gets a decent amount of real SPAM and alot of legitimate SPAM (industry articles, conferences,charity events, etc).

The combo of this SPAM is driving him and me crazy.

What are some options for handling this type of situation. I could whitelist stuff for him at the Ironport and make every thing else "Suspected" and have the Suspected go to Junk Mail and not fwd to his Blackberry, but then he would potentially miss email if someone is watching his Junk Mail for legitimate messages. I could also, possibly setup an Ironport rule to bypass this whitelist rule if something is pre-pended to the Subject by the Sender?

I am just wondering what everyone out there does for this situation.


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Re: Options for CEO's 'SPAM' problem?

We've had this problem - but luckily the guy had a PA (who deleted spam from the inbox if it got through).

One option is to use the Blackberry filtering to only allow emails from the company and his(her) contacts.

Re: Options for CEO's 'SPAM' problem?

This is really tricky. However real new letters even if they look like SPAM would be false positives and should be reported so that we can work on better rules.

The human in front to sort mail is not really a solution, while I have heard of this before.

While a bit infamous I post this like again (how to report spam/ham to us)



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Re: Options for CEO's 'SPAM' problem?

Part of my problem is that MFC doesn't give me enough detail. The tool can show SBRS and sending domain info if you individually click on an item. However, when I am trying to make heads or tails of what my CEO is receiving and from who, without being copied or archiving all of his mail I am chasing ghosts.

Why can't MFC be modified just a little to be able to show the underlying message details in the list view for results. Or why can't I just search for everything above or below an SBRS score in MFC? Or provide grouping so that I can search on a recipient and group by a field (sending domain or IP) to list the items by group?

Am I missing something, is there another utility I should be using or is this something that requires me to write SQL scripts for?


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Re: Options for CEO's 'SPAM' problem?

Also, are there any recommended SPAM/whitelist/Junkmail Outlook or Blackberry add-ins that you would recommend to add our this MB to help mitigate this issue?


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