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outgoing content filter to alter subject

can i create an outgoing content filter that just adds a date/timestamp to the existing subject?

if recipient

then $subject = $subject $timestamp

something like that. i know i can remove and add a Header, but i would strongly prefer to keep the original subject intact and just append something to the end of it. and it doesn't have to be a timestamp, it can just be a random number. basically i have an automated process sending multiple emails with the identical subjects, and i have a requirement for the subjects to be unique when they get to the recipient. (gmail's "conversations" are T E R R I B L E)

thanks in advance


outgoing content filter to alter subject

You can do that by using action variables for that:

1st action: Strip header ->Subject

2nd action Add header -> Subject -> $Subject string

string is simply the text you want to add to the subject. This can be one or more action variables as well:

$Date will add the current date

$Time will add the current time

Check out the AsyncOS Online Help (GUI:->Help and Support ->Online Help) or Advanced user guide for other action variables, or what they can be used for as well.

Hope that helps,


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