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Outgoing Mail Summary Report

I am new to the IronPort M1050 and am looking at the Outgoing Mail Summary Monthly report and am confused..

In the Message Processing section I have a total of "Clean Messages". I would expect that the Total Clean Message count woould be reflected in the Message Delivery section but it is not.

Here is what my report is showing:

Processing % Messages

Spam Detected 0.0%                0

Virus Detected 0.0%                 0

Stopped by Content Filter 0.1% 3,019

Clean Messages 99.9%           5,427,315

Total Messages Processed: 5,430,334

Message Delivery % Messages

Hard Bounces 1.8%                98,310

Delivered 98.2%                     5,324,680

Total Messages Delivered: 5,422,990

If 5,427,315 messages were Clean and 5,422,990 messages were delivered, what happened to the other 4,325 Clean messages?

Cisco Employee

Re: Outgoing Mail Summary Report


There are several possibilities here.   One is that the discrepancy involves messages that aged out, or expired.

Depending on the version of Async OS your running there may be other answers.  We would likely need to see more data , such as the configuration of the appliance or access to the appliance itself to understand exactly why your seeing these numbers. 


Sum in "Incoming Mail Summary" does not match the "Total Attempted Messages" on SMA


Cisco Ironport Email Security Appliance (ESA) - AsyncOS 7.0.0-105 or higher
Cisco Ironport Security Management Appliances (SMA) - AsyncOS 6.7.3 or lower
Running "Centralized Reporting"
Marketing Detection enabled


Sum of "Total Threat Messages" and "Clean Messages" does not match what is seen in "Total Attempted Messages".


When running "Centralized Reporting", SMA collects reporting data from ESA.
Starting AsyncOS 7.0.0 on ESA, we have introduced new reporting counters for "Marketing Messages".
On ESA, if you look under "Monitor > Overview" you would notice a new field named "Marketing Messages".
This new field does not exist on older versions of SMA.
When SMA pulls data off of ESA, it does not understand this newly introduced counter and ignores them.
As  a result, reports generated on SMA would show discrepancies when adding  up "Total Threat Messages" and "Clean Messages" against "Total  Attempted Messages"

Latest AsyncOS 6.7.6-076 for SMA has the marketing counters implemented.
Upgrading to this version should fix the discrepancies going forward.
Unfortunately, counters which was missed prior to upgrading are already lost and would not recover after upgrade.
You will continue to see the discrepancies till the data rolls over.


Bug 47910

You may want to open a support ticket so we can review this issue in more detail.

Christopher C Smith

Cisco IronPort Customer Support 

New Member

Re: Outgoing Mail Summary Report


We are running version 6.7.7-202 of the OS. I can see the Marketing messages on the report for Incoming messages, but my issue is with the Outgoing messages.


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