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Outlook plugin issues

We are having major issues with the outlook plugin... OutlookDesktopFlag_6.5.0_003.msi

All issues are reported by Office 2003 users.

We use a CRM program called Touche, which is re-branded SolvIt from Prosper Business Solutions (sold as Touche by Harland Financial Systems). This program pulls data from outlook into it's screen and I think that's where the issue is.

On many of these PC's when they sign into Touche, they get a Runtime error 216 at 65404AEC. They click OK and then a Microsoft Outlook dialog box comes up saying that there was an issue loading the IronPort postx add-in and try detect & repair in the help menu.

1. Detect & Repair in the help menu takes a long time and does not fix the issue.

2. Re-running OutlookDesktopFlag_6.5.0_003.msi and selecting repair does not fix the issue.

3. Going into Outlook options and disabling the plugin DOES fix the issue.

Note, opening outlook by itself does not always invoke the issue.

Anyone have experience with the Outlook Desktop flag?

I also uninstalled it from a machine and the "Send Secure" button still exists in his compose e-mail screen, although pushing it does not do anything.

I appreciate the input. Thanks!

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Re: Outlook plugin issues

Hello Sauerk,

I think you best open a support case with Ironport and the supplier of your CRM. This looks like the two Outlook add-ons are biting each others ass.

Since you have to deal with two independent sofware vendors that have written extra software for a MS product (Outlook) I think this can cause you a hard time getting a solution.

Good Luck,


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