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Policy order question


how can i perform following on IronPort:

currently i have a policy that will block all emails sent from any .info domain but would like to add few addresses that should receive emails from any .info domains. So, when email from any .info domain is sent to it should be received a dn delivered to users. When email from any .info domain is sent to it should be blocked on IronPort.

I did create a new policy that has as a recipient and it placed before policy that blocks .info emails. Should this be enough or some more steps have to be configured for this to take place?


New Member

Policy order question

The easiest way would be to create a CLI filter for this.  We have similar requirements for specific domains.  The only way to get it to work was using a filter rule.  Here's an example:


if (recv-listener =='IncomingMail') and (mail-from == "") and (not rcpt-to == "||")





Policy order question

@endpoint: Your approach should work as expected, as you involve message splintering, so even if a message comes with multiple recipients, only the ones not allowed to receive mail from .info will be blocked. As you supposed correctly, the policies are applied in order from top to bottom of the list. Also maintaining the list is easier with policies accessible from the GUI, while message filters require to have the whole filter changed when a recipient is added/removed (unless you use a dictionary, though)

@Doug, while your solution is also possible, however  one problem with your message filter is that it will not work when a message is send to multiple adresses, and one of them is one of the allowed recipients. In this case, the message will pass to all recipients.

Hope that helps,


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