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Power consumption

In the immortal words of Kevin Wilson, "I'm not an Oxford scholar, but I'm not a bloody idiot either..."

Which pretty much echoed my sentiments when I logged into the support portal and discovered that the link to the KB was missing. Where's it gone? Did I miss something? In the absence of the KB, which contained power consumption stats for everything other than the X1050's I was interested in, where can one obtain information on how badly 10 of these puppies are going to rip the national power grid once I plug them in?

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Re: Power consumption

The link is certainly there now - not sure why it wouldn't have shown up when you checked earlier. KB article 35 has the details you're after, but to save you the trouble :

The X1050-series appliance has dual 750W load-sharing power supplies.

The X1050 appliance will dissipate 2697 BTU/hr maximum of heat. The voltage is 85–264 VAC, autoranging, 47–63 Hz. Maximum inrush current may reach 55 Amperes per power supply for 10ms or less.

From our internal documentation it looks like the max power draw is around 470 watts.