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Problem with Kiwi Cattool and ironport config


I want to save the config of one of the cluster member.
I have only a problem to finally create the cluster again.

My commands:

22 (Port for remote connect)

It stopped at the command: 22 and print a Error message in the Info Log: "Did not receive expected response to command: 22".

Thanks for your help

New Member

Re: Problem with Kiwi Cattool and ironport config

Cluster Commands
The following commands are available when you are in a cluster.

clusterconfig prepjoin new

This will add a new host that is to join the cluster over the CCS

serial_number - The serial number of the machine being added.
hostname - The host name of the machine being added.
user_key - The SSH user key from the "prepjoin print" command from
the joining machine.

clusterconfig prepjoin delete

This will remove a host that was previously indicated to be added
from the "prepjoin new" command. This is only necessary to be used
if you later decide not to add the host. When a host is successfully
added to the cluster, its prepjoin information is automatically

clusterconfig setname

Changes the name of the cluster to the given name.

clusterconfig addgroup

Creates a new cluster group. The group starts off with no members.

clusterconfig renamegroup

Change the name of a cluster group.

clusterconfig deletegroup [new_groupname]

Remove a cluster group.

groupname - Name of the cluster group to remove.
new_groupname - The cluster group to put machines of the old group into.
This is not necessary if there are no machines in the

clusterconfig setgroup

Sets (or changes) which group a machine is a member of.

machinename - The name of the machine to set.
groupname - The group to set the machine to.

clusterconfig removemachine

Remove a machine from the cluster.

clusterconfig list

Display all the machines currently in the cluster and whether they are
currently administratively disconnected.

clusterconfig connstatus

Display the status of connections between all the machines currently in
the cluster.

clusterconfig disconnect machinename

This will temporarily detach a machine from the cluster.

machinename - The name of the machine to disconnect.

clusterconfig reconnect machinename

This will restore connections with machines that were detached with the
"disconnect" command.

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