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Proxy Authorization Failed.

After my last upgrade the check for available upgrades of my ironport m660 fails with:

Tue Nov 24 10:52:11 2009 Warning: Network Participation: failed to connect to host: port: 443, error: SSL error: Failed to connect through proxy server: HTTP/1.1 407 Proxy Authentication Required

In the update settings i've configured the correct proxy with a username and password. The proxy adminstrator confirms this username is correct and says his logs show the ironport does not send a userid and pwd.

Any ideas on how I can troubleshoot/confirm/disprove this?

New Member

Re: Proxy Authorization Failed.

very interesting, bart. there are a few unknowns here such as your actual proxy settings (look for everything starting with the tag until the comment
in any case - if you feel you have the proxy config setup correctly and have a packet capture file to backup your statements - i'd recommend opening a support case and perhaps enabling remote access to let our support engineers check things out!


Re: Proxy Authorization Failed.

Checked the config from the CLI with "showconfig" and it shows the proxy configured as intended. We're talking about Version: 6.5.0-405

Which filter can I use best with tcpdump to create a manageable packet.log?

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Re: Proxy Authorization Failed.

THIS is what you are looking for, bart. this will output things in a 'pcap' format so you can pull it off the box and look at it in a nice graphical tool like wireshark or something.

Using the tcpdump command on an Email Security Appliance

if you can indeed show that the ESA is not sending the credentials correctly or even not all, then open a case and provide the capture with a little background on your testing methods (include a support request from the box too please!).



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