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PY error


I've got an alert: An application fault occurred: ('shared/  get_assigned_policies...

What's this about? It only happend one time!


OS: 7.6.1-022

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PY error

Erik -

What is the full app fault you recieved?  Most likely, this is a known/open defect - seeing two, related to the first terms listed.  With the full error, I'd be able to pinpoint which one it is, and provide more information.

Hope this helps!


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PY error

I got the same alert. Here is the full error:

An application fault occurred: ('shared/ get_assigned_policies|541', "", "'str' object has no attribute 'items'", '[util/ screenLoop|408] [util/ inverseExtend|328] [util/ __call__|769] [screen/ __call__|27] [util/ __call__|769] [screen/ __call__|49] [util/ __call__|769] [screen/ __call__|165] [screen/ _handleActionAllowed|947] [quarantines/ customActionCheck|1702] [egg/ wrapper|262] [egg/ __call__|278] [quarantines/ can_configure_quarantines_cached|1712] [egg/ get_quarantine_data|1319] [egg/ __init__|122] [shared/ is_quarantine_accessible|359] [shared/ get_visible_quarantines|316] [shared/ get_assigned_policies|541]')

Version: 8.0.1-023

Any thoughts?

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PY error

Normally when we see application faults associated with the aquarium process - these are related to quarantine access attempts through the web GUI. 

If this was a one time alert - most likely some combination or race condition occurred from that user/browser attempting to use the quarantine at that time.  You can review the "authentication" logs and/or the "euqgui_logs" to see what/who was accessing the quarantine at the time of the app fault - try to narrow down based on the user, browser they were using, etc.


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