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Quarantine retention

How can i configure my quarantine retention policy to release emails immediately. It has a minimum configurable time of 1 hour, and this is not acceptable according to our email policy.


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Re: Quarantine retention

Are you talking about the VOF quarantine? Or some other?

Re: Quarantine retention

In that case - why send them to the qtn - why not pass them through for dleivery to the intended mailbox instead? This seems the most obvious way to deal with your requirements.

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Re: Quarantine retention

Hence why i asked if it was VOF. With VOF enabled you would have to either disabled at the policy level or disable all together at the services level to stop mails going to its quarantine.

There also maybe a viable reason why they not only want the mail in the quarantine but also sent to the intended recipient. If this is the case then adding an additional header to the mails would be what to do as part of your spam / av scanning, then apply a content filter based on the header and us the "duplicate and quarantine" action on the filter.
You obviously could use something other than a header like subject appending e.t.c..

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