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Query on default outbound mail poliy


Is it possible on Ironport to drop all the outgoing mails to other than local domain by default.  After this we Can create new policies above the default policy with some users who are allow to send e-mails to a particular domain? 

For e.g:- I have a set of users who can send emails only to gmail other than the local domains and another set to send only to rediff.

Any help is highly appresiable.

Is this going to work on Ironport?

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Query on default outbound mail poliy

Hi Tharun,

just curious, are you sure outbound messages to your own domain get routed through the IronPort appliance? I would assume your mailsever just moves those between it's mailboxes. Anyways, to answer your question,  basically you create another outbound mail policy with your local domain as sender. Then create a filter that only has a drop() action, and activate it in your Default Outbound Mail Policy (and only there!).  So this way outbound recipients to your domain will use the new created mail policy that bypasses the filter, while every other domain will use the default policy, where the message gets dropped.

Hope that helps,


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Query on default outbound mail poliy

Hi Andreas,

Mails from our own domain will not pass through our domain, mail server just moves it from one mailbox to another.

My requirement is to drop all the mails to other domains.  then For each domain we will add a policy with a set of users who are allowed to send to that domain.

I tried to create a policy only with action but that is not taking without a condition.


Query on default outbound mail poliy

Hi Tharun, that's strange, content filter work without conditions. What's the error message you get?


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Re: Query on default outbound mail poliy

yes, but you may have to set this policy under Exchange HUB Transport Level or at the EDGE Transport level (if it is present on your organization).


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