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Question about message filters


I've a question about the message filter. Is it possible to use
alt-mailhost() in combination with $RemoteIP? I have to send some outgoing mails to the ironport appliance for virus checks, and then send them back to the sending mailserver. I know that it sounds stupid, but I must do it really in such a way...

Any ideas?



a suggestion

One way would be to:

1. create a msg filter that adds the source ip address as an x-header via CLI command 'filters->new'

if (true)
insert-header('X-ip', '$RemoteIP');

Then commit filter.

2. Use a content filter to look for X-header value to then to use altmailhost to send back to the correct MTA.

Hope this helps...

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Re: Question about message filters

I already thought somtething like this. But how can I use the header value in the contentfilter gui!? I can't use variables in the "Send to alternate destination host" action.

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Re: Question about message filters

Have you got a lot of MTA?

Because you can create one rule by MTA...


In message filter:
verylongbloke sayed how do that...

and in content filter:
rule1: if (header("X-IP") == "^$") { alt-mailhost ("[]"); }
rule1: if (header("X-IP") == "^$") { alt-mailhost ("[]"); }

It's not very sexy but it works fine...

unfortunately, we can't use variable for alt-mailhost action... or I don't know how :)


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Re: Question about message filters

Thats not a solution for me :-(
I've about 600 MTAs to manage, and the IPs can change. It's no problem for me, to store the IPs in a LDAP directory.
I need a solution that either alt-mailhost allows variables or that I'm able to route the mails via LDAP with the 'From' address as search key.