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Quick way to sort out who is using one of 2 ironports?

I have 2 ironports, working together for receiving mail but with different configurations regarding outgoing smtp authentication.
We are gradually trying to migrate all users to the authenticated solution, and I need a way to understand who is still using the old configuration.
Of course the interfaces have diffent names and I can see which appliance was used from logs or MFC, but this is not practical for a couple of thousand mailboxes.
I would also need to create periodical reports to see the migration progress.
Any idea? Filters, Policies, Labels?

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Re: Quick way to sort out who is using one of 2 ironports?


We push the Maillog to a syslog server and can then grep the log on the machine name, mail from: and your outgoing domain (including the @ sign)
If you have multiple outgoing domains I think, you can create a nice RegExp for it (or ask a RegExp expert to do this for you)

I think you can do the same on the Ironport appliance locally but you can not schedule anything there, so it stays a manual process.

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