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Raid Problem in C160 Ironport

I am getting this error from mt ironport C160 


A RAID-event has occurred:


RAID Read error (5), 5 read errors total disk 0[READ(offset=69281807872, length=65536)] RAID Read error (5), 6 read errors total disk 0[READ(offset=69283839488, length=65536)] RAID Read error (5), 7 read errors total disk 0[READ(offset=69307497984, length=65536)]


Version: 8.5.6-092

Serial Number: XXXXDBE1328D-XXXDFP1

Timestamp: 30 Oct 2014 10:01:32 +0400


How can I check the HDD status and I can change it if there is a problem in it ? 



Cisco Employee

Usually the RAID errors are

Usually the RAID errors are indicative of a failed HDD.  You can try looking at the output of version from the CLI, or run ipcheck.  These may show you if there are RAID or degraded issues.

I would suggest that you open a support case opened, as this appliance will most likely have to be RMA'd.  Since it is a C160, it will be replaced with a C170.  You would need to get an open support case so that we can review the appliance via a support tunnel.  

You can open a support case through Contacts/Support Case, or the Service Request Tool.


Community Member

 RAID Status          

 RAID Status           SUBOPTIMAL

and I don't have Smartnet renewed :) 

so I am doomed !

Cisco Employee

Correct - no contract, no RMA

Correct - no contract, no RMA.  :-(


Community Member

can I renew the contract of

can I renew the contract of it? 


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