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Recursive scanning of .tar.bz2 archives / Older release notes

This is actually a two part question, but the two parts are somewhat related.  1) Recursive scanning of .tar.bz2 archives  If I create a new content filter to match on executables (attachment-filetype == "Executable") this detects directly attached exe files. It also detects exe files in .zip-archives, and it detects renamed exe files in .zip archives. All is well.  What it does not detect are exe files in .tar.bz2 archives. This surprised me as this is not an especially obscure format, and the Ironport lists tar and bz (along with zip) in the Compressed mime category.  Maybe this is a bug, and it's fixed in a newer release (this is on 6.5.2-101). Which brings me to the next question  2) Older release notes  Where can I find release notes for the releases between 6.5.2-101 and the current release (7.0.1), in order to find if this was fixed along the way?

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Re: Recursive scanning of .tar.bz2 archives / Older release note

Not sure about the tar.bz2 archives, but the older release notes can be found on the support portal under Appliance Documentation > Email. There is a small link at the top right corner of the page "earlier releases". Yes, its very well hidden

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