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Save tracking information for rejected connections

We had turned on message tracking with the "Save tracking information for rejected connections a few releases ago. We loved this feature because it gave the ability for our help desk to log into message tracking on the our C350 (local tracking) and search on "To" or "From" and locate rejected messages. Our problem, somewhere in one of the upgrades, this feature changed, there is no longer tracking information (RCPT or MAILFROM) included with the rejected connections. This was nice because our help desk would get a call saying that an user wasn't getting a email from a somewhere and could search all rejected connections for that user or sender and determine where the problem lies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Save tracking information for rejected connections

Hi There, you could check that from within the CLI under listenerconfig that the delayed HAT rejections is enabled, to do this access the CLI and use the following commands:
Listenerconfig > Setup > default connections with a HAT REJECT policy will be closed with a banner message at the start of the SMTP conversation.
Would you like to do the rejection at the message recipient level instead for more detailed logging of rejected mail? [N]> Yes

This should enable the additional logging of to and from addresses.

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Re: Save tracking information for rejected connections

I checked the global/default settings for the listenerconfig and they were already set to yes for doing the rejecting at the rcpt level. If I go into my actual mail logs, the information is there for the rejected information. However, when I use the message tracking feature, I'm no longer able to search on the messages that have been rejected, by RCPT or Sender email address. Looking through the knowledge base I found a tech note that talks about domain information not being included with the reporting. They say to change some settings under the reportingconfig option. The tech note was referring to the management appliance, but we're doing the message tracking locally. There is a setting on the C350 for reportingconfig which has an option to turn on legacy reporting. I couldn't find any documentation on this feature. Looking at the description in the CLI, I thought that it may give back the feature to see the to and from with the rejected messages in message tracking. I'm guessing that message tracking changed in one of the upgrades I did.

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