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Scheduleoutgoing mail delivery

Hi everybody,

I have a unique requirement for my outgoing mail. people in my organization sending mails to hotmail,yahoo or gmail accounts large attachments which is obviously non business mail, with multiple recipients which clogs over 2MB pipe. We are using surfcontrol for out going mail and schedule these kind of mail after working hours. IRONPORT is on the recieving side for time being but very soon we can shift the outgoing load to it as well. My question is is it possible to delay or schedule mail for delivery and having some selectable options like attachment size or recipient domains?
Highly appreciate early responses.


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Re: Scheduleoutgoing mail delivery

You can ratelimit the outbound message by domain using destination control
(CLI: destconfig)

It helps alot for us.

e.g. 100 message per 10 minutes for

But it doesn't have size related control.

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Re: Scheduleoutgoing mail delivery

Thanks a lot. On a test basis we used this function but basically we are too much used to ease of surf control :D .

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Re: Scheduleoutgoing mail delivery


There is no direct method to delay message delivery on the IronPort, one way of doing this is to create a content filter and based on the condition match send these messages to a system quarantine and release them after a few hours based on your requirement.

Note: Limitation with this method is available space for the system quarantine.

You could refer the second method in KB article 1366

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Re: Scheduleoutgoing mail delivery

hmm this is intresting. I definitely try it but it seems a workaround. Anywyas thanks you so much.

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