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Security update and demo licence

Is it possible de make security update on virtual ironport with valid demo licence ?

Thanks for your attention


Cisco C100V


DescriptionStatusTime RemainingExpiration Date
Outbreak FiltersActive39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
IronPort Anti-SpamActive39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
Sophos Anti-VirusActive39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
Incoming Mail HandlingActive39 days27 Aug 2014 15:42 (GMT +02:00)
IronPort Email EncryptionDormant39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
RSA Email Data Loss PreventionActive39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
Bounce VerificationDormant39 days27 Aug 2014 01:59 (GMT +02:00)
Cisco Employee

(*I edit your serial from

(*I edit your serial from your original post --- please do not post serial number for security reasons!) :-)

Did you request the license for demo from the License Administration Portal:

Click "Get Other Licenses" > "Demo and Evaluation" > "Security Products" > "Cisco Virtual Appliance Demo License" > "Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) Virtual Appliance 45 Day Demo License"

Fill out the needed information once presented for the target devices and options, and submit.

If this was a recent request within the past week, you will need to re-request, as there was an incorrectly stamped certificate within the license XML provided that does not allow the virtual appliances to reach out and validate against the provisioning correctly.  This WILL prevent you from getting updates and activating test feature keys.

I hope this helps!



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Community Member

when i enter "version"

when i enter "version" command in CLI of WSA VM... it shows me a long string of serial number... when i pasted this serial number in 45-days trial licence portal of CISCO... it shows me an error reporting that serial number should be 7, 12 characters long... but all i get after entering VERSION command is a long string of Serial number... any 1 having any idea???

Cisco Employee

If this is initial trial

If this is initial trial/request - then leave SN / Virtual Device Identifier blank, do not enter anything...

Please leave the VLN field empty if this is an initial purchase.
Please select an existing VLN for Follow-on or Renewal orders of Virtual appliances. Enter the content of license file received for the VLN if it is not listed.

You should then be clicking Next and be able to review and submit, check the EULA box in lower left hand corner, all in the the third section of the request.

Stepped through to make sure - and this completed successfully w/ the following:




Community Member

Bro my only issue is WSA's

Bro my only issue is WSA's License... i tried Demo License but got an error "access is denied"... how do i get a Demo License for my CCIE Sec Lab...

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