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Server down or offline?

So far I have gotten 3 complaints of users trying to open their secure e-mails sent through our IronPort C160 appliance.  In all instances the terminology of these end users are to the effect that they download the HTML file to their computer, open it, and it says the server is down, or offline.

Do you know if this could possibly be maintenance with CRES, and if so is there a scheduled maintenance calender online that I can check?

I take it through CRES Admin there is a way to see if the end user opened the secure message?

It is a little bit of a tough transition to secure e-mail, as non technical users are bothered by the "hyper security procedures working on their very last nerve" as one person puts it.

For federal and state regulations, our financial industry must comply with best security practices.  Anyone have tips, tricks or good stories with their implementation of secure e-mail and how to mitigate the rash of complaints?

New Member

Re: Server down or offline?

Hi Keith,

A few questions to help me (and others) to understand the problem better:

Can you reproduce the problem yourself?

Is the problem temporarily, in other words: can the problematic message be opened at some other time?


Is one certain message failing all the time and a new one perfectly "open able"


Is this problem related to specific users that always have this problem while others are always working?

Are your log files indicating unusual information for the problematic messages?