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Singe Mode Fiber Configuration

I am moving from Multi Mode Fiber to Single Mode fiber.  Are there any special configurations on my 2960 that I need to be aware of?  I have all the correct cables and SPF's needed, just want to be sure I am not missing any configuration statements.



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As long as you have verified

As long as you have verified your SFPs are compatible (link to the guide), it's just a matter of swapping one for the other at both ends of a given link and connecting the new SM jumpers to the riser cabling.

Do pay better attention to keeping the ends clean, possibly investing in a Cletop or similar cleaner kit, as SM fiber is more intolerant of dirt or even smudges from handling the tips.

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I second this.  Multimode is

I second this.  Multimode is far more common as cost is lower - but the distance is significantly shorter on multimode vrs singlemode.  There are some gbic's that support both, but as their cost is several times that of a multimode gbic: they are not the common purchase.  Be sure to match the fiber cable, all patches and the gbic's to ensure stable connectivity.


No changes in the interface config or otherwise is required unless you are changing design and udld is configured on the port currently.

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