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SMTP authentication description

Hi everyone :
I don't know what is Ironport SMTP authentication feature after reading the Adv-UserGuide.
Is it the smtp authentication use to authen the user connect to email server and How it work between email server and client if it is , As we know Ironport is email gateway , How Ironport can control the user connect to email server ?

Is it only work for Outgoing email authentication ?

thx thx !

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Re: SMTP authentication description

I would say that SMTP Authentication is most commonly used for a segment of your end users that are traveling on business or work outside of the internal company network and can't be connected directly to the company mailserver to send out their outgoing mail.

Since a user outside the network may not be able to directly connect to the corporate mailserver, what mail administrators try to set up is the IronPort appliance to do smtp authentication against an Active Directory server for example and then if the sender authenticates, they'll be able to relay using the IronPort appliance.

If you run into any problems or questions, feel free to post the issue here and we'll try to iron it out.

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thx thx

Hi , I understood it clearly , thx very much :o

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Re: thx thx

Also to clarify things, smtp auth is commonly for end users who need to relay because they can't connect directly to the corporate mailserver.

if you want appliances (i.e. Exchange servers, Domino servers, print servers, etc) to be able to relay, you would add the IP of those devices to the RELAYLIST in your HAT Overview (Mail Policies -> HAT Overview, then select the appropriate listener).

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