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SNMP Missed Updates

Hi Nation,

I'm working on an extension of the Nagios monitoring of our Ironports.
We want to raise an alarm if one of the machines starts enouncing download errors for CASE and AV.
I fount the following SNMP OID that supplies the info:

updateServiceName.1 .
updateServiceName.2 . updateServiceName.3 .
updates.1 .
updates.2 .
updates.3 .
updateFailures.1 .
updateFailures.2 .
updateFailures.3 .

So basically all required info is present. The problem I have is that the "UpdateFailures" Counter is a "real" counter that only goes up.
Once an update is missed the counter is raised but it's never resetted to zero and that makes it hard to configure a monitor for it.

Does anyone of you know a way to reset the counters or maybe has an other idea on how to put a monitor on the update failures?

We currently monitor the machines with a combination of checking the HTTP/XML page and SNMP.

Thanks in advance!


Cisco Employee

Re: SNMP Missed Updates

To my knowledge, the only way to reset the counters is a reboot, which of course is not helpful in this case.

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