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New Member

Soft Bounced Issue

Hi All,

Recently I have encountered high number of soft bounced. Mostly those emails are destined for yahoo. I was able to verify this using tophosts command.

What could be the cause of this and what can I do solve this issue?


New Member

Re: Soft Bounced Issue

I have also noticed this at our shop.  I believe the cause is has a fairly low threshold for invalid addresses.  I don't know what the threshold is but if I look through the mail_logs at the time they start greylisting us I can usually find a number of e-mails that we attempted to send to them at invalid addresses.  Other than getting internal users to maintain their outgoing mail lists I'm not sure there is anything that can be done.  I'm interested to see what the rest of the IronPort Nation has to say...   


Jason Meyer

Re: Soft Bounced Issue

Hello Lloyd,

adding to Jasons answer, which is BTW correct, you can also check the logs or message tracking for these soft bounces. Usually Yahoo includes an URL in the soft bounce pointing to a more detailed explanation, whenever the message was delayed to policy reason or because, as Jason stated already, they have low thresholds on how many messages and recipients they allow per hour. In case of the latter, and if your appliances are running AsyncOS 6.5 or later, you can add an entry for in your destination controls (GUI: Mail Policies->Destination Control), and add rules there to limit the amount of message sent at one time. I recall a working setting for yahoo was  8 concurrent connections, 15 recipients in 1 minutes

Of course, as we don't know the specifications Yahoo has, this is just a suggestion and maybe will have to be modified. Would be nice if  anybody who has this setting could let us know if that still works.