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New Member

Some questions about A60

Hi All
I have a A60 box, from 'featurekey', I find the 'body_contains' is expired, do you know what's the function of 'body_contains'?

Also, I find the current version is 3.7.3-014, so can I upgrade to the last one? Is it free? and where can I download the last version?


New Member


You can type upgrade at the cli prompt and it will show all available upgrades that are available on the box.

Body_contains allows you to search the contents of a message for given text. Didn't know there was a feature key for that; however, I have c600s and x1000s.

New Member

A-Series upgradea

The A-Series appliances were only approved for upgrades up to 2.5.4. If your A-Series is on a 3.x build, special approval was obtained. If you need to upgrade further, please contact your sales representative. There are a variety of options available to you.

The "body_contains" message filter does not require a special license for our C or X series devices. It may have required a special license for our older A-Series. If you need this key renewed, please speak with your sales Representative.