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Source IP for Reporting and Alerts in ESA


We have a vESA with 2 listerners in the same subnet, so there is only a default ip route. All the alerts and Schedule reports are being sending using IP A (first listener), but the customer wants those e-mails to be sent using IP B (second listener). I have tried with content filters and altsrchost but it seems, this alerts are not treated as nomal e-mail. Is it posible to manipulate the IP address to sent the reports and alerts?


Thank you 

Cisco Employee

Hello,This can be achieved


This can be achieved under the following :


C370.lab> alertconfig

Not sending alerts (no configured addresses)

Alerts will be sent using this configured From Address:

Cisco IronPort AutoSupport: Disabled

Choose the operation you want to perform:
- NEW - Add a new email address to send alerts.
- SETUP - Configure alert settings.
- FROM - Configure the From Address of alert emails.
[]> setup

Initial number of seconds to wait before sending a duplicate alert.
Enter a value of 0 to disable duplicate alert summaries.

Maximum number of seconds to wait before sending a duplicate alert:

Would you like to enable Cisco IronPort AutoSupport, which automatically emails system alerts and weekly status reports directly to Cisco IronPort Customer Support?  (Enabling AutoSupport is recommended.) [N]> 

Maximum number of alerts to save:

Choose the default interface to be used to deliver alerts
1. Auto
2. cisco123 ( abc.lab)
3. test ( lab2.lab




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