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SPAM and content filters

In order to ensure SPAM gets sent to the spam quarantine and skips susequent filters, we have implemented somehting similar to what is outlined below:

1. Edit the Antispam settings in your mail policies. Set

'Positively-Identified Spam Settings' > 'Apply This Action to Message' to deliver.

2. Set 'Add Custom Header' to 'X-Ironport-Quarantine'.  The value can be anything. (i.e. True)

3.  Create a Content Filter checking for this header, and if it exists,  skip all following filters (Deliver). Or modify your existing filter not  to match when that header exists.

Background:   Any message containing a X-Ironport-Quarantine header will be delivered  to the spam quarantine instead the recipient destination. A quiet  common way to redirect messages to that quarantine with a filter.

My question concerns what happens when a user requests the message and it is released from quarantine?  Will it be delivered without going through Anti-Virus and content filtering? 

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SPAM and content filters

From the ISQ - released messages proceed directly to the destination queue, skipping any further work queue processing in the email pipeline.

See the Daily Management Guide for full details:

Cisco IronPort AsyncOS 7.6 for Email Daily Management Guide

This is in the "Delivering Messages in the Cisco IronPort Spam Quarantine" section.

Hope this helps!


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