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Spamhaus DBL support?

I'm interested if the Ironport supports (or will in the future) querying the Spamhaus DBL:

Unlike other DNS block lists, this one supports domain name queries only and does not support IP address queries at all.  They recommend using it to check URIs in the message content as well as headers.

Would be great to see this support!

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Re: Spamhaus DBL support?

Greetings there,

I did not configured it personally but the following link will refer you to our Knowledge Base article on how to configure the appliance for querying DNS Blacklists.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Spamhaus DBL support?

Thank you, but I am already aware of how to configure querying a blacklist in the Ironport. Support fail, please re-parse my query.

I suggest anyone thinking of responding to this thread to actually READ the link included in my original post as well as the DBL FAQ:

In particular find in the FAQ the following statement:

You must not put '' into any email server 'DNSBL' or 'RBLs' feature, spam firewall or spam filter unless it specifically states that blocklists entered there are used for domain checking only. If you are unsure, ask your spam filter developer.

Five Months for the appearance of a completely off-the-wall response to, basically, a yes/no question....anyone want to place bets on something effectual actually appearing here?

Re: Spamhaus DBL support?


the answer to your question is definitely no, AsyncOS for the Cisco IronPort Email appliances currently does not support Spamhaus DBL - as you already pointed out correctly it's using a different format of queries/response than the usual external blacklist that can be figured in the HAT. Can't tell you about the Roadmap, but it is certainly under consideration. I have checked if there is any feature request on this so far, also negative, so feel free to open a ticket with support to have one filed, as these are monitored by  product management as well.



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