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Stopping Outbound Messages with multiple External addresses

Hello Nation

Wonder if anyone has either done this already or can offer some advice about how to do it.

We need to stop (preferable Quaratine the message and notify the sender) if someone attempts to send out an email that within the "To:" or "Cc:" fields there is more than one external email address that is not an @ourcompany1, @ourcompany2 etc address.

Idealy we would like this done in a content filter so we can only apply it to certain departments (Customer Services etc), but from the thought and investigation I think this is going to have to be done via a Message filter which from memory can't be applied via an LDAP group.

Any assistance or guideance that someone can provide would be muchly appreciated.


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Re: Stopping Outbound Messages with multiple External addres

let me do a quick test on my side and post back my findings.

but you're right, more than likely it's going to be a message filter as opposed to content filters since msg filters are most response and have a bit more functionality/variables

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