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Time to retry to send email

Hi everybody. One of our clientes has exchange servers and sometimes these has problems to send email to clients so they reply the email to ironport. Do you know in how much time Ironport try to send the email again to Exchange?, and where could I change it?. I don't find it.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards

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Re: Time to retry to send email

I really don`t remember right now the time that Ironport retries to send the emails, but you can use the delivernow command on CLI.

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Re: Time to retry to send email

Hi Samuel,

I’m not sure if this is really what you are looking for since your question is quite cryptic. (At least to me)
You can configure “bounce profiles” and, of course there is a default bounce profile. With a bounce profile you can configure the amount of time a message stays in queue in Ironport, the retry frequency and the delay reports you want to use (if any).
You find this option under the “Network” tab, option “Bounce Profiles”.
If you like you can define a new bounce profile for your Exchange system. If you do so, you can create a destination control that utilizes the bounce profile you created.
To do so you open the “Mail Policies” tab, option “Destination Controls”.
Please note that you assign a destination control to a target e-mail domain so if your customer uses more that one domain you have to create a destination control for each of those domains, (all using the same bounce profile).

Hope this helps.


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Time to replay

Thank you Steven, I think this is what i'm looking for.

Best regards

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