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Time Zone on Exported Message Tracking data from M1050

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Hello all, new user to this forum.

We have an M1050 reporting server. We are on 6.4.0-273. When I use message tracking, the times shown on the results screen and the message detail screens all reflect the time zone we have set on the box. However, if I export the message data to a CSV, the time stamps are all in GMT 0000. We are GMT -0500. I opened a ticket and have been told this is normal and how it works. Just wanted to double check with others to see if they see the same behavior. I often send the extracts to other IT people who want to see all the emails sent from their system and I have to always explain the time zone difference.

Please let me know if this is consistent on your systems.

Cisco Employee

Re: Time Zone on Exported Message Tracking data from M1050

Hi Kilbara,

The support ticket response you received is correct. The exported data will show the timestamps in GMT.

Unfortunately, there is not a workaround to adjust for different time zones at this time.

I would suggest contacting your Sales Representative and ask them to file a feature request on your behalf. If you are unsure of your Sales Rep's contact details, you can call into Technical Support and ask for their info.


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