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Transfer of Config to New Box

We are currently running a test PostX appliance running version 6.2.4 of the PostX application. We have received a new IEA running version 6.2.7. How can we transfer/upgrade the 6.2.4 config to the new 6.2.7 version of the new IEA?

I'm a Unix newbie as well, so please don't assume I know anything at all regarding commands or Unix-lingo.



Re: Transfer of Config to New Box

Thanks for the info.

However, the steps you suggest would put the old version of the software on the new server. I would like to upgrade the old appliance to 6.2.7 or upgrade the config to 6.2.7 to run on the new box. Any ideas for this?

New Member

Re: Transfer of Config to New Box


We currently do not have an automated process to convert the pxeconf.xml across versions.

Do you have a fairly custom configuration or is it pretty standard? If it's not too complex, we recommend running the fresh server and making all of the configuration changes via the GUI.

You may also contact IronPort Customer Support for further assistance. Thanks.

Re: Transfer of Config to New Box

Our config is pretty much exactly where we want it to be. Also, since the previous admin left, we do not have the license key and will need a new one, as well as cert for the product.

I think tech support will be the way to go. There are several other re-configs that we need to make.

Thanks for your help.