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Unable to access IronPort C150

I recently went and applied updates. The last update brought the system up to AsyncOS 7.6.3 Build 019. After the update was applied, the system needed to reboot. It did that part without issue. I bring up the web interface and log in. After entering the login and password, the screen takes an extremely long time and never give me the GUI. So I tried to go in via Putty / SSH. I can log in fine and get the banner, but I never get a prompt to be able to type.


Any suggestions on how to I can recover to use the web interface?

Cisco Employee

Are you able to connect a

Are you able to connect a serial connection, direct connection to the appliance?  Confirmed that the upgrade completed, and configuration loaded?  View this from status on the CLI.  Also - if it is a C150 - run version and verify that there is not a RAID issue, or a RAID rebuild running that may be consuming resources.  If the appliance does have a failed drive post reboot, which sometimes does occur with the older appliances... if you are still under contract, open a support case and we can assist to troubleshoot, and possibly RMA - if you qualify.

The C150 will only upgrade to 7.6.3-019 - so, that will be the latest revision we have that is supportable on that appliance version.

Hope this helps!


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