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Upgrading AsysncOS on C360 & C370's


At work I have just inherited (4) Ironport C360 and (4) Ironport C370 running AsyncOS 7.0.1-010 for email. 
I need to update them to 7.6.3-019, as this is the latest approved code for our enterprise. 
In the reading that I have it looks like I will have to an intermediate update or two to get from 7.0.1-010 to 7.6.3-019.
Do I have to do the intermediate update?
If so, does anyone have a recommendation on the best route?


Thank you,

Doug Larimore

Cisco Employee

In order to upgrade - you

In order to upgrade - you will need to hop through each release in order to get 7.6.3-019:

phoebe-7-0-1-010 --> phoebe-7-1-5-101 --> phoebe-7-6-2-014 --> phoebe-7-6-3-019 

So - 3 upgrade total.  I'd allow at least 15-30 minutes for each hop, allowing the download & install of the OS, and then associated reboot for each.


New Member

Robert,Thank you for the


Thank you for the information. I have another question, one of the C360's is actually at AsyncOS 6.5.1-005, can I upgrade this directly to phoebe-7-0-1-010, or are there intermediate jumps for this as well.


Thank you,  

Doug Larimore

Cisco Employee

With that C360, you'll need

With that C360, you'll need the following path:

phoebe-6-5-1-005 --> phoebe-7-1-5-101 --> phoebe-7-6-2-014 --> phoebe-7-6-3-019 

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