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Upgrading from a C10 to a C160

Our licensing expires in two weeks and we're getting a new C160 to replace the C10 that we've had for almost 3 years.

Can anyone advise me as to what kind of performance increase can we expect to see in moving to the newer platform? I'd be interested in real numbers (like max messages per day). Our current system load is about 20% with 90k messages per day. The maximum wait time in the queue is 12 seconds.

Also, is it simply a matter or exporting/importing the configuration files (presuming the version of AsyncOS is the same)?


Re: Upgrading from a C10 to a C160

Expect performance gains between 250-300% typically if not more (dependent on policy).

The c10 is 3 generations of h/w since the release of the 160 (c100,c150, c160) so large gains in cpu speed have been made.

The config files should need only bringing over the saveconfig/load config - this assumes the new box arrives with the current build you are running (which is unlikely!!).

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Re: Upgrading from a C10 to a C160

Concerning the export and import of the existing configuration file into the new appliance, I would recommend that you print out the section concerning the "Network Configuration" and manually apply those changes on the new C160 box.

Then, once the C160 is setup and accessible with basic configuration settings, you can import the C10 config file into the C160 box. I would recommend that you either strip out or comment out the "Network configuration" section to prevent any conflicts.

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Re: Upgrading from a C10 to a C160

Thanks everyone for your great feedback.

According to the tracking system with our courier, we should have received the IronPort yesterday, but with Christmas postage I hope it comes today. When it does I'll be all ready to go now.

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Re: Upgrading from a C10 to a C160


Where can i download new C160 box Datasheet?

Alex Ling

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