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User registration at CRES

This is probably a really stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer in the Knowledgebase or the manuals...

I've got a C-series on trial at the moment, primarily for the encryption feature. I've worked out how to get it to send encrypted messages using CRES. What I can't find out how to do is for my users to register with CRES so that they can manage the envelopes of messages they have sent.

So far all I can do is send someone an encrypted message which forces them to register. They can then manage any envelopes for messages they have already sent.

That may not be explained very well, so here's the scenario:

Fred at my domain sends a message that is encrypted by the C-series with CRES.

Fred wants to change the expiry date of the message envelope so he goes to

Fred isn't already a registered user at CRES and there is no 'register' link. How does Fred proceed now?

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Re: User registration at CRES

Even though the sender sent the encrypted message, the sender would need to first become a registered CRES user before he can enforce an expiration time on the message he sent.

To become a CRES user, either someone with a CRES account needs to him an encrypted message so that he can register or he can try emailing himself an encrypted message so that he can then register.

Once he's a CRES user, he can go to and go to "Manage Messages" and apply expiration dates to the things he sends.

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Re: User registration at CRES

Thanks. That's what it was looking like. It just seems quite strange that there's no way of being able to manage envelopes for messages you send without first receiving one. I thought I must be missing something.

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