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User's pet peeves when using CRES

Hi all,

We just starting encrypting emails using IronPort.  A few users have reported issues that, while minor, are worth bringing up.

One is that, when opening the securedoc.html attachment in most Web-based email systems, like GMail or Yahoo, the attachment opens up in the same window instead of opening a new tab or window.  This means that users often close that window when they are done with the envelope, and then realized they have closed their email and have to sign in again.  It's a minor annoyance.

Second is that the "Forget me on this computer (Log Out)" link in CRES doesn't actually log the user out.  It opens up another window, but the underlying window remains active; you can return to it to read or reply to the message.

Has anyone else dealt with these issues?  Any workarounds, or settings, in CRES, browsers, whatever, to suggest? 

Thanks very much,

- Steve


User's pet peeves when using CRES

Hello Steve,

the behavior of the secure envelope opening up is something CRES cannot control, the securedoc is a normal attachment, and the supported way to open such a document is to save it first, then open in your webbrowser. Because most Email programs have Javascript and Java disabled for security reasons, so this also may cause problems.

About the "Forget me on this computer" issue, to my knowledge this should have been fixed for some time now, are you probably relating to a cite that uses CRES technology (so not



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User's pet peeves when using CRES

Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the response.  I didn't think there was much that could be done about the attachment issue, but I'm obligated to try to seek out answers when our user base complains.  :-)

As for the "forget me on this computer," we are in fact going directly to 


- Steve

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