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Virtual ESA appliance update and upgrade using static method

What are the static servers for updates and upgrading if you are using a virtual appliance ?

I know that the if you use a standard appliance they are: on port 80 on port 443 on port 80


But I see that my virtual appliance is trying to go to ""   - are there other differences for the virtual appliance ?


Yes, I can confirm through my

Yes, I can confirm through my own experiences over the past week that the Virtual Appliances do not use the same update servers.

Virtual Appliances point to dynamichost - I'm not sure about the static update IPs, as the static sub domains do not seem to exist on the and it looks like Cisco is using Akamai CDN to distribute updates over port 80. You may need to allow iyour Virtual ESAs out on port 80 any, and 443 seems to be a single host.

Also I found the following article most helpful for Virtual ESA Updates:

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I am currently configuring

I am currently configuring ESAV on a private network which is not connected to the internet.

How can I update the software and anti-virus offline?

Any ideas?



Not sure about AV...but here

Not sure about AV...but here's how to set up local upgrade servers.

New Member

I have downloaded and

I have downloaded and installed AsyncOS updates sucessfully which is great but the AV updates are still an issue.

I have pointed the ESA to our local web server and it is sending GET requests for /vtl/meter.txt & /vtl/vof_history_year.tgz.

If anyone knows where I can get these update files that would be great!



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