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What is the "Active Directory Wizard"?

I'm not using the Active Directory services with my C100, but how would I benefit from using it?

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Re: What is the "Active Directory Wizard"?

Hi There,
The main benefit would be against invalid recipients, the ESA will check the rcpt during the SMTP conversation and if the mail is undeliverable can terminate the message their without generating any actual NDR. This helps stop your internal MTA's generating bounces and backscatter on to the internet. The next benefit would be DHAP (Directory Harvest Attacks) stopping spammers harvesting your good known e-mail addresses. And lastly you can use group membership with your current AD/LDAP to create policy set based on user groups

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Re: What is the "Active Directory Wizard"?

In addition to what staylor says, you can set up ldap routing. This allows IronPort to know where to send forwarded mail, instead of making your email host do this.

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