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Whitelist Helpdesk User


From the interface a user with the permission of "Helpdesk User", is there a way to allow them to add a blocked email to the users whitelist? If we hand out helpdesk user logins to our customer support team, and a subscriber calls in with a request about some blocked mail, the helpdesk user can login and release the message, but that doesn't help the sub for future requests. There needs to be a way for the helpdesk user to add that email to the whitelist as an option. Is there anything like the currently or coming down the road?


Cisco Employee

Re: Whitelist Helpdesk User


If the email is being blocked due to spamy contents, and the message is going to IronPort Spam Quarantine (ISQ), then the best solution would be to enable End User Quarantine (EUQ) access along with SL/BL (Safelist/Blocklist) feature. This will enable the end user to login to the quarantine to release/delete his/her messages and would also be able to maintain their whitelist.

By doing this, the system will keep the SL/BL for every end user and apply the list according to the recipients. This will also reduce the load of maintaining ISQ and SL/BL from the helpdesk user or admin.



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Re: Whitelist Helpdesk User

I understand that through the end user quarantine, the user can add it to the Safe or Black lists. But having the option for a helpdesk user to login and track messages, but then tell a customer that they need to login and whitelist the email address becomes a burden. There should or needs to be a way for the helpdesk user to add an email to a users whitelist or blacklist when looking through the quarantine. This can easily be done using the quarantine search of a helpdesk user and having the option to whitelist or blacklist a message when it is found through the advanced search. You have the full message, sender, to, etc to do such a function. Any hopes in getting this added into the interface? Maybe a nice needed API to help do this?



Re: Whitelist Helpdesk User

I realise this answer depends on the OP's back-end mail infrastructure, but how about a whitelisting policy driven by an LDAP query of external contact addresses? If this works at all, it would only be good for addresses and not whole domains or IP ranges.

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