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Windows Mobile / Outlook and C150

We just installed a C150, it is performing very well for us. However, we have a common user experience, I'd like to hear how you've handled.

Our email flow goes and our handheld Window Mobile [PDA/Treo's]. Our Treo's sync via OWA which does NOT have the outlook junk mail filter on it. So, when our notebooks are not active, our Treo's get a ton of spam, but when our notebooks are connected, and our outlook junk filters "kick in", then our Treo's synch, and our spam on our Treo's gets deleted.

Any ideas how we can delete the spam on our Treo's while our notebooks are not in use?

Or in other words, when we are not in the office, and we rely on our Treo's the most, they receive the most spam....

Any ideas?

New Member

Re: Windows Mobile / Outlook and C150

There's a few different options, depending on your requirements and environment.

The easiest solution is simply to either drop or quarantine the spam on the IronPort box itself - this way it never makes it through to the Exchange server.

If you must have it go through to Exchange, and if you're running Exchange 2003 SP2 or later (or preferably Exchange 2007) then you should be able to configure Exchange IMF to automatically filter the messages into the junk folder.

At the end of the day, most people go with the first option. The number of false positives you see should be so low that the need to have the spam available on exchange - or even available at all - should be basically zero. The majority of IronPort customers I've worked with simply have the box configured to drop spam outright.