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Your stats...

Just wondered how everyones ironport stats compared to ours. We are seeing 88% of mail connections rejected by Reputation Filtering on a total of over 43 million messages in the last month!! Here are our latest stats:

Total Attempted Messages - 43869563

Stopped by Reputation Filtering - 88.01% (38611689)

Invalid Recipients - 11.44% (5018963)

Spam Messages Detected - 0.25% (110645)

Virus Messages Detected - 0.00% (487)

Total Threat Messages - 99.71% (43741784)

Clean Messages Accepted - 0.29% (127779)

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Re: Your stats...

For October 97% was discarded.

103,423,729 attempted messages
87,424,590 blocked by reputation
4,390,335 invalid
8,497,604 spam detected (BM)
59,197 virus

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Re: Your stats...

March 07...

Total Attempted Messages - 44,821,285

Stopped by Reputation Filtering - 83.57% (37,455,503)

Invalid Recipients - 1.46% (656,371)

Spam Messages Detected - 4.23% (1,897,426)

Virus Messages Detected - 0.04% (17,655)

Total Threat Messages - 89.30% (40,026,955)

Clean Messages Accepted - 10.70% (4,794,330)

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Re: Your stats...

Incoming Mail Category

Stopped by Reputation Filtering
78.04 %
Invalid Recipients
0.02 %

Spam Messages Detected
13.80 %

Virus Messages Detected*
0.28 %
Total Threat Messages 92.15 %

Clean Messages Accepted
7.85 %

New Member

Re: Your stats...

Incoming Mail Summary for April 2008

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 28.7%
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 59.7%
Spam Detected 8.2%
Virus Detected 0.0%
Stopped by Content Filter 0.0%
Total Threat Messages: 96.6%
Clean Messages 3.4%

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Re: Your stats...

Our two appliances haven't been up and running for all that long - this one day on one appliance:

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 96.0%

Stopped as Invalid Recipients 1.1%

Spam Detected 1.2%

Virus Detected 0.0%

Total Threat Messages: 98.3%

Clean Messages 1.7%

Total Attempted Messages: 2.2M

New Member

Re: Your stats...

April statistics from four C-600 appliances located in Europe

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 96.5%

Stopped as Invalid Recipients 1.0%

Spam Detected 0.4%

Virus Detected 0.0%

Total Threat Messages: 97.9%

Clean Messages 2.1%

Total Attempted Messages: 202.4M

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Re: Your stats...

Last 30 days on our single C150

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 95.0% 370.0k
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 1.7% 6,560
Spam Detected 0.1% 403
Virus Detected 0.0% 47
Stopped by Content Filter 0.0% 0
Total Threat Messages: 96.8% 377.0k

Clean Messages 3.2% 12.5k
Total Attempted Messages: 389.5k

Our total mail volume is much lower than others in this thread (and some would say that our volume doesn't even justify an Ironport), but we're thrilled with the results and lack of spam in our inboxes.

I would also note that since installing our Ironport in January, the amount of attempted messages we get has halved. I wonder if this means that spammers "blacklist" us as not worth delivering to anymore or if this is just our good luck.

New Member

Re: Your stats...

here is ours for our 2 c150's

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 97.95% 5100000
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 0.50% 160600
Spam Detected 0.50% 24600
Virus Detected 0.00% 116
Stopped by Content Filter 0.00% 56

Total Threat Messages: 98.95% 5200000
Clean Messages 1.05% 52900

Total Attempted Messages: 5200000

But looking back at the same from Jan we have seen a 26% drop in inbound traffic while clean email stays roughly the same.

Re: Your stats...

The last 30 days on the primary MX here show:

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 92.0% 454.2M
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 0.0% 30.5k
Spam Detected 4.2% 20.8M
Virus Detected 0.0% 0
Stopped by Content Filter 0.0% 441
Total Threat Messages: 96.3% 475.1M

Clean Messages 3.7% 18.4M
Total Attempted Messages: 493.5M

And that is on one out of two loadbalanced X1050, so the Totals have to be doubled to show the actual numbers...

Last 30 days on the secondary MX, which is one X1000, show:

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 97.5% 372.9M
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 0.1% 361.7k
Spam Detected 1.6% 6.3M
Virus Detected 0.0% 0
Stopped by Content Filter 0.0% 49

Total Threat Messages: 99.2% 379.6M

Clean Messages 0.8% 3.0M
Total Attempted Messages: 382.6M

Pardon the crappy formatting btw.

New Member

Re: Your stats...

These are the stats on our C300 for the last 30 days.

Stopped by Reputation Filtering 97.0% 17.9M
Stopped as Invalid Recipients 0.0% 4,710
Spam Detected 2.1% 380.4k
Virus Detected 0.0% 98
Stopped by Content Filter 0.0% 1,747
Total Threat Messages: 99.1% 18.3M
Clean Messages 0.9% 168.1k
Total Attempted Messages: 18.5M

I just love looking at this sort of thing, and am blown away at how many emails are stopped at the gateway. I do a quick quiz with some of our users and aske them to guess the percentage of emails that are allowed through. They usually guess anywhere betweem 20%-60% of emails are allowed through. You should see their faces when I say it is alway below 1% of all emails.


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