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515E Will not allow new class C IP to pass through

We have a 515E unit in our school. We have brought in a new c class of IP's and cannot get them outside. We have copied the configs of working IP's sets BUT this will not go out. We can ping it from inside but can not pass it through the unit, help is appreciated,

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Hi, Seems there is 2



Seems there is 2 identical discussions started with this topic.


With regards to the actual problem I would have to say that we would really need some information about the current configurations of the PIX and the connected network to be able to say anything.


My understanding of your situation is that you have a new internal subnet added into your network and you want to add configurations on the firewall for this new subnet.


The main things that you would need on a firewall for it to pass the new subnets traffic to the Internet would be the following

  • If the new subnet is not directly connected to the firewall (as in configured to one of its interfaces) then make sure that there is a route towards this new subnet
  • Make sure that there is a ACL rule that allows traffic from this subnet to the destination networks/subnets you require.
  • Make sure that the new subnet has the NAT configurations required for it to be able to access the Internet


- Jouni

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