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5505 8.1 to 5512X 8.4 Migration help

Good day;

        I have a 5505 running pre 8.3 code (8.1) so all the programming is pre new style NAT.

        Is there an offline tool I can use to download the config from the 5505, and convert it to 8.4 config to place into the 5512X?     Ideally i'd rather not upgrade the 5505 just to convert the config.


Super Bronze

5505 8.1 to 5512X 8.4 Migration help


Seems to me that you either have to get access to the below tool through TAC or Account team

Web-Based NAT Migration Tool for ASA 5500 Series Appliances

Cisco offers a web-based migration tool at as an alternative option for upgrading pre-Release 8.3 ASA Software  configurations to ASA Software Release 8.4 (Figure 1). Please leverage  TAC or your account team for access to this internal migration tool.

Or you will have to manually rewrite the new NAT configurations if you are not going to upgrade the ASA5505 to the new software.

I would imagine though that your current ASA5505 NAT configuration probably aint that big? If so you could always post it here with changed public IP addresses and I could provide the new format configurations.

Also, here is a link to a NAT 8.3+ document I wrote on the CSC

And here is a great document comparing old and new NAT format

- Jouni

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5505 8.1 to 5512X 8.4 Migration help

You can also use any of these sites with Web-Based NAT Migration Tool to obtain the same results:

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