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5510 Failover Implementation


to implemantation failover on ASA 5510 need to use the same model with 5510 with same IPS module also same license.

my question is;

1. can i use the same license on 8.2 for both unit?

2. what type of license need to use for failover? example, Security Plus license.

3. if running on 8.3, the license for ASA can be share right? mean just buying 1 license only?

4. if running IPS module, both unit need to buy license??

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5510 Failover Implementation


To my understanding the things are in the following way

1.) You will have to have an identical licenses on an ASA Failover pair if you are running 8.2 or below software level

2.) Both ASA5510 will require the Security Plus license, even with the 8.3 or above software since it enables Failover capabilities.

3.) To my understanding licenses like VPN user licenses will be shared between the Failover units even if only one unit has the license (when running 8.3 or above)

4.)  To my understanding both ASA units would have to have the IPS module but the IPS modules dont automatically replicated configurations. I can't say anything for sure regarding the IPS module as we use different devices for IPS functionality so I dont really have any expirience with them.

Here is link to one document section explaining the 8.3 changes to Failover licensing

- Jouni

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Re: 5510 Failover Implementation

thanks JouniForss,

no 3. when asa running version 8.3 and just buy security plus license for primary and secondary no need to buy the license?     

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5510 Failover Implementation


To my understanding you need Security Plus license for both ASA5510 units as its the requirement for to use Failover.

If the Failover doesnt work to begin with there is no way to share other licenses between units.

Check this document section about different capabilities of the original ASA5510 model

With Base License it lists that Failover is not supported. But on Security Plus license both Active/Standby and Active/Active is supported.

So to me it seems that if you want to use ASA5510 models as Failover pair you would need Security Plus license on both.

- Jouni

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