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5510 with 2 internet conenctions - Load share?

I have a 5510 with two internet connections on it..  One from a DSL provider, one from a cable provider - our options for Internet access are limited in our area, we cannot even get bonded DSL.

We have an email service we are using over the internet (hosted exchange), is it possible to have some connections use one, some use the other?   Another option, is it possible to have connections outbound for some protocols go out Cable and some DSL?

Currently the service is setup as a redundant route, it pings out to the default router just beyond us on the DSL, if it goes down, the route is modified and we end up on the cable connection.



Re: 5510 with 2 internet conenctions - Load share?


I don't think seggregating the load of SMTP users between the DSL and the cable links would be a viable option.

What you can do is seggregate based on ptotocols.

Something like this.

NAT the inside subnets with IP range of the cable link for http and https traffic.


NAT the inside subnets with the IP range of the DSL link for SMTP / Exchange traffic.

Since the IP address for the hosted Exchange servers is known to you, you can route these servers towards the cable link as primary and the dsl as a backup.

For the rest of the traffic, let the primary path be the dsl and backup as the cable.

Hope this helps.

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Re: 5510 with 2 internet conenctions - Load share?

You cannot do this with the ASA. It does not support PBR or load balancing between two different interfaces.

You need to do this on a layer-3 device on the outside.

Read this thread:;jsessionid=91A2E23FFD4CC3FBEB4ED9C8F72FE4D6.node0?tstart=0&viewcondensed

Where I have answered this question before.


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